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This system is currently being upgraded. Upgraded version is expected to be release in the second half of 2010.


FILMex TS is the first comprehensive, interactive program that deals with trouble shooting the modern Film-Coating Process, and provides insight into the major problems that plague the pharmaceutical industry today.

FILMex TS has been designed by Pharmaceutical Technologies International, Incorporated (PTI, Inc) as a tool that can be placed right at the heart of problem-solving initiatives within any company worldwide. 

Although FILMex TS Release 1   has been designed by PTI on the basis of the extensive experience that we have in the area of film coating technology, FILMex TS can be further customized to suit the needs of any individual company.

How does FILMex TS work?

The program guides the user through the process of problem resolution by providing:

  • Illustrations & photographs that aid in identifying each specific problem.

  • Overviews of the background constituting the basis for each problem

  • Definitions of key technical terms associated with each problem

  • Measurement methods that may be used to quantify specific problems

  • Appropriate bibliography relevant to each problem and its resolution.

  • Recommendations as to how the problem may be resolved.

Type of coating problems Covered in FILMex TS Release 1:

  • Loss of Logo Definition

  • Coating pulled from logo as a result of core expansion

  • Erosion of tablet surface in vicinity of logo

  • In-filling of logo

  • Logo bridging

  • Tablet Erosion

    • Edge erosion and edge chipping

    • Crown erosion

    • Erosion around logo

    • General surface erosion

  • Tablet Breakage

    • General tablet breakage

    • Breakage due to capping/lamination problems

  • Poor Color Uniformity

    • Tablet-to-tablet color variation

    • Uneven color distribution across tablet surfaces

    • "Speckling" due to poor pigment distribution

    • "Blotchiness" due to material bleed through from core

  • Film Cracking

    • Catastrophic cracking

    • Edge cracking

    • Cracking due to core expansion

    • Cracking due to presence of pigments

  • Film Peeling

    • Peeling due to over-wetting and/or tablet rubbing

    • Peeling due to film adhesive/cohesive failure

  • Film Discontinuities

    • Discontinuities due to surface eruptions

    • Film Flaking

    • Picking

  • Film Roughness

    • "Orange peel" roughness

    • Roughness due to over-wetting and film rubbing

  • Adherence between coated products

    • Tablet twinning

    • Agglomeration of mult-particulates

Resolution for a problem:

Resolution for each problem covered are discussed, where appropriate, in terms of opportunities to modify:

  • Core (tablet) design

  • Core formulation

  • Coating formulation

  • Processes (both tabletting and coating)

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