TI's comprehensive training program on "Formulation & Process Development For Oral Solid Dosage Forms" is a pragmatic program that will be presented in a modular format and will deal with various aspects of those unit operations that are intended to produce pharmaceutical tablets. The modular format will allow participants to focus attention on key activities in which they are interested, as well as provide a broad overview of the key technical aspects associated with tablet development.


The nature of the ingredients that are typically used in tablet formulations, the complexities of their interactions, and the impact of material properties on those interactions will be reviewed. Guidelines will be given with respect to both formulation and process development activities. Each of the important unit operations involved in preparing tablets will be discuss

Who Should Attend

This is not intended to be an introductory program for individuals generally unfamiliar with the design and development of oral solid dosage forms. The program will thus be of greatest value to scientists that are currently involved with tablet formulation and process development, and who wish to gain a greater understanding of the key issues that are critical to the preparation of robust tablet dosage forms.

Learning Objectives

Having completed this program, participants will have a greater understanding of the key issues that are fundamental to the design and preparation of a quality product that can complete a successful technology transfer process. This understanding will not only encompass a better appreciation for the role of the raw materials used, but also the part that process technology plays in the ultimate commercialization of tabletted dosage forms.


Distinctive features of the program


The format of this program will be much different from others that are currently offered in the pharmaceutical industry.

          Unique, customizable modular format: The program will be in modular format, with each module being approximately 3-4 hours long and self contained in terms of content. Participants will be invited to select only those modules that they wish to attend, although we will expect them to select a minimum of five (out of a total of nine).

          Lectures by internationally recognized instructors: We believe that the extensive knowledge and experience of our entire faculty will contribute immeasurably to the success of what we consider to be a program without equal in the industry today.

          Two - three hour interactive evening sessions:  We also plan to present two-hour evening sessions that will build on the subject matter of the modules presented earlier in the day, and will be in the form of case studies designed by the faculty, that are very much interactive in concept

          Interactive discussions: Interactive discussions with advance input from the participants will be held throughout the program.